A Learning Aerial Guide for the Elderly and Disabled


Within the project, the team members have established (or are making use of existing) international collaborations with the following labs and researchers:
  • Research Center for Automatic Control Nancy, France: Romain Postoyan, Constantin Morarescu, Vineeth Varma, Jamal Daafouz.
  • Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands: Robert Babuska.
  • University of Dubrovnik, Croatia: Ivana Palunko and Domagoj Tolic.

Researcher exchanges

The following exchanges have been funded from the project:
  • Oct-Nov 2018: Romain Postoyan and Mathieu Granzotto visit the Automation Department in Cluj, to work on stability analysis.
  • Oct 2018: Lucian Busoniu visits the University of Dubrovnik to work on learning and UAV control.